Florida building code overhauled to allow greater flexibility in building codes

A Florida building codes overhaul is allowing for greater flexibility of building codes in the state.The Florida Department of Construction, Planning and Economic Development released a plan on Tuesday for the state’s building codes.The new rules allow for new construction and remodeling projects to be approved without requiring approval of a special permit.Florida’s code alsoRead More

How to build a fort in Minecraft

A new version of Minecraft has been released for the PC.The build tool is designed to make building and upgrading your own fort easier than ever before, allowing you to create a variety of buildings and more than 200 different items to decorate your home.It has also been designed to be compatible with other gamesRead More

The Gun Builder’s Guide to Shooting Guns

By Gun Builder: I know guns like this one well.It’s the gun that I am building.It was purchased a few years ago, and I’ve never shot a single round of it.That’s how many guns I own.It also happens to be the gun most people in America have never heard of.And that is the reason IRead More

Pantheon build with a touch of luxury: Pantheon

The Pantheon, a building designed by Italian architects Katarina and Ziggs to house offices and apartments, is being built by the Indian state-run National Highways Authority (NHA) in Mumbai, according to a media report.The report said the new building will be situated on a site near the site of the Taj Mahal, a Hindu templeRead More

Why Brazil’s biggest city won’t be safe in Zika pandemic

A week after a record-breaking outbreak in Brazil that has infected more than 13,000 people, the country’s biggest cities have begun to see their own public health woes.While Brazil’s Zika outbreak has killed thousands of people, authorities in many of the countrys largest cities have said they are struggling to contain the virus and areRead More