What you need to know about the renovation of a Chicago building

By Lisa KrantzMay 16, 2018 09:18:28There is one major question for the Chicago Tribune building owners who are negotiating a lease extension with a developer that is renovating the historic Guggenheim Museum of Art.

What kind of renovation?

The Tribune has said that it is considering replacing the exterior walls with glass panels, a feature of the building, and a feature that has been the subject of criticism by some.

The panels are currently used for a feature on the museum’s website called “The Art of Architecture.”

That feature, which shows some of the most influential architects of the last century, was commissioned by the Chicago Council on Contemporary Art.

But a Chicago Tribune reporter asked if the feature was on the building.

The building’s director of design, Matt Oster, said no, adding that he has not received a request for that feature.

A spokeswoman for the city Department of Buildings said in a statement that the building has “been undergoing renovation and re-design since October 2015.”

The building was designed by Chicago’s Howard B. Free and has been in use since 1932.

In the early 1900s, it was the home of the Chicago World’s Fair, but it was not until 1929 that the fair moved to its present location on Michigan Avenue.

The Tribune is also proposing a major renovation that is not expected to cost the building as much as the museum is asking for.

The project is called The Architecture of Architecture: The Art of Building Modernity, which will be built by architect David Scharf.

It is designed to restore the structure to its original glory, and the design will focus on how modern buildings are made.

The building will be renovated to provide a new “vibrant, contemporary and dynamic” design, according to the Tribune.

A statement from the Chicago City Council’s planning department said that the design is intended to “provide a modern and sustainable home for the Museum of Architecture, and its collections, and to create a vibrant, dynamic and dynamic environment.”

The proposal is being presented as part of a two-year extension for the building that expires in June 2021.

In December, the building owners agreed to extend the lease for another four years, and that extension has not been finalized.

The Tribune said that, because the Tribune has not yet submitted a proposal to the city, there is no timeline for the extension to be finalized.

“We are confident in our vision for the future of the museum, but we want to continue to work with the City of Chicago to ensure the museum remains in the heart of Chicago’s historic district,” the Tribune said in its statement.

In the meantime, the Gugenheim Museum has continued to draw large crowds to the building’s outdoor plaza every weekend.

“The museum is very excited to reopen to the public in 2018, and we look forward to the continued patronage of this iconic museum, which has always been a key part of the city’s fabric,” the museum said in an email.