Pantheon build with a touch of luxury: Pantheon

The Pantheon, a building designed by Italian architects Katarina and Ziggs to house offices and apartments, is being built by the Indian state-run National Highways Authority (NHA) in Mumbai, according to a media report.

The report said the new building will be situated on a site near the site of the Taj Mahal, a Hindu temple in New Delhi.NHA has said the Pantheon will house offices for architects, architects, designers and developers, among others.

“The Pantheon is the largest and the most ambitious project in the history of NHA, with the aim of enhancing India’s connectivity with world and becoming an important hub for the development of cities,” NHA director general V V Krishna said in a statement.

“Our aim is to make this one of the most exciting and exciting developments in India.”

The NHA has been working on the project for a few years and has started building a series of new buildings.

The Panthemos are expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

The project is estimated to cost about Rs 6,000 crore.