The Times Of India on the latest news on Aadhaar: The story of the most talked about Aadhaar

In a big change in the Aadhaar saga, the government has finally started handing over a huge amount of data to private companies for Aadhaar verification and authentication.

The move comes as the country’s government has been grappling with how to implement the massive digital transformation of the country.

It has also sparked debate on whether Aadhaar will be a big or a small step in making the country a digitally-firm and accountable one.

With the government still struggling to figure out how to make the Aadhaar number-based system usable in the real world, and as some have been complaining about the slow rollout, it is only right that the government and the private sector come together to find a common ground.

The Times of Indian has put out a call for submissions on the Aadhaar project in the next few weeks.

The Aadhaar project has been beset by challenges from the start, with the government facing a series of legal challenges and complaints from the Opposition.

But the project has since gone through a major overhaul, with a lot of changes made to ensure that the system works and is transparent.

The government has also made several technological improvements, including the creation of an internal database for verification.