When building a fords, DC building department takes care of capitol building

CAPITOL BUILDING DEPARTMENT, DC — The building department of the Capitol building in Washington, DC, has been tasked with installing a new building for the nation’s capital, but that’s not all that the building department has been doing.

For the past year, the building has been working with a group of contractors, building managers, and local architects to build a new, $15 million-plus building for Capitol Hill, according to a report from The Washington Post.

The Washington Post says that building department was tasked with completing the $15-million building for a federal building in 2021.

“The new building is being built with a combination of private and public funds,” according to the report.

This building was designed by a team led by architect James P. Schlosser, who has designed numerous large and small buildings in Washington.

Schlosser is also a former executive with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which was tasked to develop the building, according the report, which did not specify the type of building or whether it was the new Federal Building or another similar building.

A few months after the project was completed, a $15.8 million contract was awarded to a team of construction contractors to work on the building.