The foundation building materials for the new $2.4bn Dhaka Bangladesh Bank building

Dhaka: Bangladesh’s central bank announced on Wednesday the opening of a new branch in Dhaka, its first in the country in nearly 20 years.

The new branch will become Bangladesh’s first branch of a larger central bank.

The bank said it will work with the government and industry to build a strong foundation for the bank to operate in Bangladesh.

“We are pleased to open the new branch for the first time, with a focus on strengthening the bank’s operations, infrastructure and business environment,” said the bank in a statement.

It said the new bank will have branches in the capital Dhaka and in other areas of the country.

The Bangladesh central bank said the move comes amid a string of recent announcements by the government to improve the countrys economic growth and development prospects.

Bangladesh’s central banks has been in a financial crisis since the end of July.

The country has been under pressure from international financial institutions to address a growing cash crunch and inflationary pressures in its economy.

The government is seeking to raise funds to rebuild and modernise the country’s infrastructure after years of chronic economic woes.

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