Bridge Builder and Inspection Engineer to be named by Indian Government

Builders of the world’s largest bridge, the Rs 2,000 crore Ganga-Siddharth Express, are to be inducted into the Government’s national construction service, the Indian Express reported.

The builders, which have built more than 150 of the major Indian projects since the country gained independence from Britain in 1947, are expected to be commissioned in October and inducted in the Indian Railway Construction Corporation’s (IRCC) national construction work force by the end of September.

The new position will be in charge of engineering, maintenance, inspection, engineering design, and planning.

The Government has made no mention of a new national building service, although the Government had appointed a new vice president of construction in January.

The role of a national building inspection officer is also being filled by the IRCC.

A report to the government said that the induction of the builders was part of the Government plan to create a bridge-building department to oversee the construction of the Rs 1,400-crore Ganga -Siddarth Express.

The Ganga bridge is a major project for India that will be built by a consortium led by KG Engineering and built by the country’s largest engineering firm KG and the state-owned Indian Railway Corporation (IRC).

The project is being managed by the state’s finance ministry and is expected to cost around Rs 1 lakh crore.

The launch of the Ganga express has been delayed by more than five years as the project has been stalled for over a decade due to environmental concerns and a lack of funds.

The first of the two trains, the Gangadar-Sankarji Express, is due to open for passenger service in September.