Which players will be in the Europa League final?

Jens Lehmann/Getty ImagesFor a country of only 5.6 million people, Sweden has made a strong showing this season.

The team has reached the final twice in the past three seasons, with Sweden’s second-best record coming back in the 2015 European Championship in France.

In 2016, Sweden qualified for the final in a 3-2 win over Spain in the first leg of the final.

Sweden also won the 2018 FIFA World Cup and reached the 2017 FIFA World Championship final, losing to hosts Germany.

With the Euroleague in its second season and a few weeks left until the final, it would make sense to focus on the teams that can best help the team achieve its goals.

The top of the list is probably the biggest question mark for Swedish fans.

With just two games left in the season, the Swedes will have only a few games to show for all of their hard work.

And while the team has made some strides over the summer, the team is still not exactly in the best shape it has been in the last few seasons.

While Sweden has been an entertaining side to watch, it is difficult to be completely confident in them.

In the last two seasons, the country has lost seven of its last eight matches.

The biggest reason for that is the fact that Sweden has never been a consistent threat in the Champions League, and has yet to reach the final at all.

If Sweden can overcome those challenges and find its rhythm, they will have a chance at getting to the final of the European Champions League.

However, that is not a given.

In recent years, Sweden is not exactly known for its defense, and there are concerns about how well the Swedish defense can defend a team like Spain.

A lack of cohesion is one of the reasons why the Swede has struggled so much in the EuroLeague.

Sweden is ranked ninth in the league this season with a 9-7 record.

They have only lost once all season and have scored 17.5 goals per game.

Swedish coach Jens Leko will likely have to rely on a mix of players in the upcoming match.

One of those players will have to be Sweden’s top scorer, Tobias Ekstrand.

Ekstrat scored 10 goals and added 11 assists in his last eight games with the team.

He is currently on a six-game scoring streak and is currently tied with Thomas van Rensburg for the league lead with nine goals.

If Ekstran can find the back of the net, Sweden will be the team to beat in the final game.