A Minecraft house built by a toddler and his dad

A Minecraft home built by the boy and his father.

The family have been using it for almost a year.

The young couple, who have a daughter, had been working on a shed in their village in northern India when the father, a labourer, found it abandoned.

He built the home out of bricks and clay, as well as the family’s favorite toy, a cow, which they called Wukong.

“We were very lucky to find the house with the wooden floor and the roof covered in dirt.

We were amazed that it was still standing after a month of construction,” he told CNN.

He said that he had worked in a nearby construction site when the house was abandoned.

The home is now the home of his father, who works as a labourers.

“I was really impressed that it still stood,” he said.

The father has now set up a Minecraft farm for his family, as he was planning to build one himself.

“The children are enjoying the Minecraft experience,” he added.

“They are finding it very fun and challenging.

They are finding different skills to create things.”

Minecraft is a popular video game developed by Mojang, makers of the popular game Minecraft.

It allows players to build and explore Minecraft worlds, and has become a worldwide phenomenon.

In the game, the player builds and manages their own Minecraft-style houses and can also build structures on top of the land they build.

A typical house will have a kitchen, a living room, bedrooms, and bathroom.

The game also features an optional building mode where players can create structures such as buildings.

The Mojang team has said the game has helped more than one million children grow up, with over 12 million players worldwide.

The children have had a good experience with Minecraft.

“It’s a very creative and imaginative game.

It’s also fun,” said Wukong’s father, Dutta.

“In the last three months, I have been working at the construction site to construct the house,” he explained.

“When we were making the house, we had no idea what it would become.”

His family says they are planning to buy a bigger shed to expand the family home.

They also plan to make their own wooden houses to decorate.

“My father was thinking of building a house with a lot of different things, like a shed and a kitchen,” Wukong said.

“But when I asked him to build the house on clay, he said, ‘No, I am building this house on bricks, which are also very fun.'”

He added: “We are happy because it is a very beautiful house.”

A Minecraft player’s shed with a wooden roof Source: The Hindu