Former ABC News host: ‘I’m sick of the Trump media’

Former ABC TV anchor Joe Galio told The Associated Press on Monday he is sick of President Donald Trump’s constant attacks on the news media.

Galio, who left the network in 2016, said he has had enough with the president’s attacks on “fake news” and his insistence that the news outlets that cover him are biased.

“I’ve seen enough of this,” Galio said.

“And I’m sick.

It’s been a long time coming.

I’m tired of the constant attacks and the constant lies.

And I’m done with it.

I just can’t stand it anymore.”

In recent weeks, Trump has accused the news organizations that cover his administration of being “fake” and has attacked them over leaks to the press.

On Monday, he said “CNN and NBC are fake news” as the networks “covered up the killing of Seth Rich, the DNC email leaks, and the death of Michael Brown” during protests in Baltimore, Missouri.

Trump has also attacked the New York Times for publishing a story that said he fired FBI Director James Comey for not recommending criminal charges against the former president.

The White House has dismissed Trump’s attacks as political attacks.