When does the next auto plant in your state get built?

The Washington Post The automaker announced a major plant in Texas in late July.

It is expected to open in 2019.

The plant will build a line of new cars.

But the automaker said it will also build cars for its existing plant in Kentucky and an expansion of its Texas operations.

The automakers announcement is a sign that the auto industry is moving forward on new plants in many states, with some in North Dakota being a candidate.

The auto industry also said last month it would build a new plant in Arizona in 2019, after spending $1.3 billion to open the plant in Kansas in 2015.

Automakers have said they will spend more on new plant construction if the U.S. economy is strong, which means more jobs and higher paychecks.

Here are five big plants that are getting built in 2018.

Texas Toyota is building a new car plant in Austin, which will make a crossover vehicle, an SUV and a crossover.

It will be called Toyota Austin.

The Austin plant will be the company’s largest in the country, with about 6,000 employees.

The Texas plant is expected be the largest in America.

In 2017, it said it would invest $7 billion to build the new plant.

It would also invest about $2 billion to add a manufacturing facility in the city of San Antonio.

The new plant will produce cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, which Toyota calls its “big three.”

In 2019, the company said it expects to spend about $9 billion on the Austin plant.

The company said in an announcement this month that it expects the new factory to add jobs by 2026.

New Mexico Toyota is planning to build a small factory in New Mexico that will build new cars, which it will call Toyota New Mexico.

The New Mexico plant will employ about 2,000 people, and will produce small vehicles such as a crossover, pickup and a small SUV.

It said it expected to invest about 6 million dollars in the new Mexico plant, which would be a record for a factory in the United States.

In 2018, Toyota said it planned to invest more than $7.7 billion in the plant.

New York The New York plant is planned to build vehicles for Toyota and its other U.s. plants, including one in Brooklyn.

The first two cars the plant will make will be crossover vehicles, a small crossover SUV and an SUV with a small bed, according to Toyota spokesman Scott Raffel.

The firm expects to invest around $3 billion in a third plant in Brooklyn, which is also expected to produce small SUVs.

New Jersey Toyota is investing around $4 billion to upgrade the factory in Newark, New Jersey, which currently employs about 1,500 people.

New Hampshire Toyota is in the process of building a small plant in Nashua, New Hampshire, where it expects about 300 workers will be hired.

New Zealand Toyota is expanding its plant in the village of Auckland, New Zealand, which has about 3,000 workers.

Toyota is also expanding its operations in New Zealand and plans to open a factory here in 2019 as well.

The plants will make small cars such as small pickup trucks, which are currently made in Australia and Japan.

Toyota said in a statement it expects a new factory in Auckland to be completed by the end of 2019.