What’s your car building dream?

Building an entire city around your car is a long way off, but a new startup has built a vehicle-based transportation hub that’s more than a little ambitious.

It’s also a pretty big deal: in the future, a company called Lexus plans to make a car-centric city out of all the buildings it builds.

The company, called Lexorium, says it’s set to build more than 10 million square feet of office space, residential, and commercial space around its new headquarters in San Francisco, but it’s also set to expand its footprint to more than 300 cities worldwide by the end of the decade.

While the project is still early in the process, the company has already made a few impressive moves in its first year.

For one, it’s already acquired an impressive amount of land and a lot of buildings for its headquarters.

It also plans to open a car park and open a new, pedestrian-friendly parking area in a major city that’s already home to many of the city’s iconic buildings.

But what makes Lexorion’s vision even more impressive is that it’s a new type of project, one that’s much more ambitious than the typical office building.

“In the early days, we weren’t thinking about the automotive industry, and now that we’ve been here for a few years, we are,” said Lexoria CEO Daniel Leiberman, in an interview with Engadgets.

“We have an ambitious vision that we’re very proud of.

It is a completely different approach to building a city around cars.”

That’s a bit surprising, given the car-based projects that’ve sprung up across the globe over the last few years.

Lexoriance is building its entire city out in the form of a giant tower, which will take in all the office space that’s currently in use around the city, and it also plans on expanding the structure to include an additional building that will house all the offices Lexorians want to build in their future.

It might sound ambitious, but the company’s team says the buildings are designed to be completely self-sufficient.

Lexion CEO Daniel Mertens says that it will be able to build a lot more than what the average office building will support in terms of space, and that the company is planning to build “a huge amount of office buildings in the next five years.”

While the plans aren’t set in stone, it looks like Lexoriant will be putting in the time and money to build the buildings on the site.

Lexorex is building a new headquarters building that’s almost entirely car-free.

While it’s still early days for the company, the plans for the project are quite ambitious.

Lexoremys CEO Paul G. Giesbrecht told Engadges that the team has already built the structure on more than 100 acres of land, and he expects the company to add more than 400 acres of office spaces to the site by the year 2020.

Giestrecht said that Lexorilia plans to use the land for a number of other purposes, including parking lots, offices, and other facilities for the local workforce.

Gierhart is confident that the city of San Francisco will welcome Lexorias new headquarters, because it has a long history of being a welcoming city for the car.

“The city is very supportive of the automobile, and we’re looking forward to having a new car-centered city, which I believe will be a very positive development for the city,” he said.

The construction of the new building is already a huge milestone for the team, but Giestres also says that the project will also contribute to the future of the automotive market in the United States.

“It’s important to see that we can contribute to that by making the transition from a car to a bicycle-friendly city,” Giestr told Engads.

“That will ultimately contribute to a better, more sustainable future for the entire automotive industry.”

The building’s completion is scheduled for December, but some of the first people to step foot inside the new Lexoraria building will be locals and residents of the San Francisco area.

According to the company website, the project’s headquarters will be the first building in the city to include pedestrian-only access, and the building will have a “new entrance, parking, and open space area.”

In a city with such a high number of skyscrapers and offices, it should come as no surprise that Lexora is building up to 10 million of its own buildings with the goal of eventually having a million people living in its sprawling, car-infested city.