Google builds ‘Google Maps’ app in India – Business Insider

Google has built an “unofficial” app in the Indian market, where it hopes to attract customers and compete with rivals such as Flipkart, a leading online shopping giant, and Snapdeal, a large online retailer.

The Google Maps app, which was launched on Monday, was first announced by the company in June.

The app allows users to search for their location and navigate to nearby destinations.

“Google Maps in India has been an unofficial project for some time, and we hope that people will start using it,” said Shashank Chaudhary, chief product officer of Google India.

“This app is a collaboration between Google, our engineering team and the Indian team.

It’s an unofficial app and is not officially endorsed by Google.

We are very excited about it.”

India is a key market for Google, which is currently focused on its Android and Chrome OS operating systems in India.

In March, Google said it plans to open a new office in Bangalore, and plans to invest $20 million in the city by 2019.

India is also home to the country’s largest smartphone market, with Apple and Samsung having large smartphone and tablet markets.

India’s government is expected to approve Google’s purchase of the company on August 25.

India already has a Google-owned subsidiary, Google Maps in China.

Google Maps is not a competitor to Flipkarte, Snapdeal or Snapdeal-owned Ola.

Google has been making inroads in India with its Google Now service, which allows users in India to quickly find the closest grocery store and other services.