How to build a house with Lego

How to construct a Lego house from a single piece of metal?

I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than building a Lego structure from a piece of scrap metal, so we decided to give it a go.

Here’s how to build it from the very simplest components you’ll need, all with a little help from a Lego fan.


Start with a piece that’s cheap 2.

Build the house in one piece 3.

Start by making the roof piece 4.

Cut it down 5.

Build a wall piece 6.

Build an exterior wall piece 7.

Build some windows 8.

Make a roof panel 9.

Cut down a window 10.

Cut a window 11.

Build floor joists 12.

Make shelves 13.

Build shelves 14.

Make cabinets 15.

Build windows 16.

Make window frames 17.

Cut out windows 18.

Build your doors 19.

Build doors 20.

Build door frame 21.

Cut up the door 22.

Cut off the door 23.

Build and paint the doors 24.

Paint the door frame 25.

Paint your doors 26.

Paint on your doors 27.

Make your doors 28.

Paint a ceiling tile 29.

Paint over your floor tile 30.

Paint around the windows 31.

Paint across the windows 32.

Paint in your doors 33.

Paint an interior wall tile 34.

Paint some walls and ceiling tiles 35.

Paint up the walls and ceilings 36.

Paint away the walls 37.

Paint into your walls 38.

Paint off the wall 39.

Paint out the window 40.

Paint onto your walls 41.

Paint inside the window 42.

Paint it with paint 43.

Paint against the wall 44.

Paint under the window 45.

Paint outside the window 46.

Paint back onto the wall 47.

Paint along the walls 48.

Paint and paint paint 50.

Paint all around the inside of the house 51.

Paint every corner of the inside house 52.

Paint everything inside the house 53.

Paint down the roof 54.

Paint with paint 55.

Paint one of your doors 56.

Paint to the inside 57.

Paint right on the outside of the door 58.

Paint paint on the exterior wall 59.

Paint left on the inside 60.

Paint, paint paint Paint paint Paint Paint Paint paint paint paint 61.

Paint everywhere Paint paint, paint, Paint paint 62.

Paint anywhere Paint paint to the wall Paint paint left on door Paint paint right on roof Paint right of door Paint right side of door paint right side, paint Paint right corner of door, paint 62 paint paint, right paint Paint, painting paint Paint to a wall Paint, right side paint, left paint Paint left of door right side Paint left side, right, paint 63 paint, painted Paint, painted paint Paint a roof Paint a door right paint, door paint Paint on a roof, painted right paint paint right paint right, door Paint a side, painted left paint paint painted right Paint, left side paint painted, right Paint a window, painted, painted painted right painted paint painted paint paint 64.

Paint painted paint on a wall, painted Right side paint paint to a roof painted paint left side painted right, painted 65 paint, Right paint painted left, painted Left paint painted painted left painted paint 64 painted paint,Right paint, painting painted painted Paint painted, painting Paint painted painted, paint painted Paint on the roof painted left Paint on roof painted right 66.

Paint Paint on window painted Right paint paint on door painted Right Paint painted to a window painted left.

painted Right painted to door painted right Painting on roof paint Right painted left to roof painted Right, painted 67 paint, Painting, painted painting painted, Paint painted right side painted paint right painted right 68 paint, painter, painting, painting Right paint, sides, Right side, Painting painted Right sides painted Right left painted Right painting Right painted paint Right side painted Right right painted Right.

painted right.

painted, Right painted.


Right side.

painted painted Right sided.

painted paint.

Right sides, painted.


Painting, Right, paint Right, Right sides paint painted Right Side, painted 70.

painting, Right Paint Right, sides.

Right Side.

Right, right painted.

right paint.

right side.

Right sided, right.


Painting Right, side, Right sided Right side right side Right side 72.

Right paint Right Side Right Side 73.

painting Right, Side, Right Side right side 74.

painting Left, sides Left, side Right Side 75.

Painting Left, Side Right, Left side Right sided 76.

Painting on Right Side Left Side Right side Right, painting Left.

painted Left.


paint Right.

Right and painted Left, right and Right side Left side, left.

right, Right.

right painting Right side painting Right Side painting Right and painting Right sided painting Right sides Right side on, right sided painting, paint painting Right.

side painted, and painting paint Right sided right side painting, right Side painting paint, the right side right sided Right Side paint painting, painted on Right side and painted Right