A building with ‘no-one but me’

A construction company is trying to turn a once-quiet house in a leafy residential area of the Northumberland hills into a living room for a group of shyvana who are trying to get rid of the smell.

A building in Shrewsbury, near Leeds, has become a place for shyvana and their owners to chill out after the construction company decided to tear down its original walls and add a new two-storey addition.

The two-bedroom house was built in 1912 by a local family who lived there until 1948.

After the collapse of the steel industry in the 1950s, the building was put up for sale, but its owners couldn’t afford the cost of repainting.

When the new owners bought the house they also had to tear it down.

The house is one of a series of buildings that have been converted to a sleeping space, or a place to hang out.

In this case, the owners have decided to use the empty space to create a living space, which they hope will attract more shyvana to live in it.

Shyvana are not a new phenomenon, they are also known as ghostly figures and ghosts, which can be seen in photographs from around the world.

But, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, only one shyvana has been found in one of its homes.

A spokeswoman for the local council said: “This house was converted from a one-bedroom to a two-room apartment, with the intention to house more shyvas.”

Shyvas are a small community of people who live in close quarters.

They spend most of their time alone and are attracted to the smell of the old houses they have lived in for years.

It is believed that shyvana are attracted by the smell and feel a strong desire to go to them.

The council said they would be interested in hearing from people who have had experiences of the ghosts, but they were keen to get some more information.

“The council wants to hear from people in the area who have been in contact with them or have seen them in the past,” said the spokeswoman.