The ABC building supply report: $1m worth of construction materials, including $800,000 in ‘new construction’

More than $1 million worth of building materials and building materials services was sold by an Australian-owned building supply company to a foreign firm for more than $900,000.

Key points:An Australian building supply firm said it was buying building materials from a foreign company for $900k, but this was not used to build the propertyKey points The ABC has obtained a report from the Australian Building and Construction Association about the purchase, which was not reported to the Australian Tax Office.

Key items the ABC has identified include:A building supply manager said the foreign firm bought some of the building materials because they were needed to help the company sell a building project.

It was also used to sell a $2.5 million residential development in the town of Abbotsford, in Western Australia.

The ABC has confirmed the report has been obtained by The Australian Financial Regulator (AFR) and will be published on its website.

It said it had not been given any information on how the material was sourced, or the specific amount of the purchase.

The building supply manger for the Abbotsfield Town Council, Chris Llewellyn, said the council was unaware of the sale.

“It’s been discussed with the ABC.

I haven’t heard anything, but obviously it’s in the public domain,” he said.”

We’ve asked the ABC for clarification and we will be getting to the bottom of it.”

The council is aware of the matter and will respond as appropriate.

“The ABC understands the information will be made available on the ABC website.

The Abbotsfields council is responsible for managing the local town’s tourism industry.

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