The real reason Pokemon GO is still a fad

It’s a popular game with a growing fan base.

And it’s one that has seen many big hits over the years.

That’s because it’s a game that lets players create their own Pokemon and get their own characters to play with.

And its success has helped to propel the game into the stratosphere of social-gaming-style game design.

It’s a niche genre with a relatively small player base, but the game is also a phenomenon.

In fact, Pokemon GO has more than a million players on the game’s app and has been downloaded more than 6 million times since launch.

It’s one of the biggest games in the world and one of only two that is actively being used to train trainers.

It is also one of a handful of popular games that is popular enough to get a movie adaptation.

And while it’s still a relatively new phenomenon, it’s become a game of sorts for some of the world’s biggest and most famous brands.

In the game, players can create their first Pokemon, but they don’t have to worry about training or trading.

They can go about their day in a free-for-all fashion.

For instance, players have access to a huge variety of Pokemon from all over the world.

Players have a wide variety of ways to capture Pokemon that can be bred and traded for new Pokemon.

And they can take Pokemon to different trainers around the world to train and level up.

The catch is that the trainers you choose for your team can be friends or strangers.

For example, a trainer in Japan may be a friend or a stranger.

There are even some players who will never meet up with you.

But it’s up to you to figure out who they are.

Some people just don’t care about Pokemon.

Some may even have a real issue with the idea of training a new species of Pokemon.

Others will love the challenge of the game and are looking to get in on the fun.

And others, like the young Pokemon trainer from the movie who went by the name “Darius,” may have a deep affection for the game.

So why is the game still so popular?

What makes Pokemon GO so popular among some of its biggest players?

What motivates them to play the game?

How does it differ from other games?

And most importantly, why are some players willing to put their money on the line for the chance to meet some of their favorite trainers?

While Pokemon GO was developed by Niantic Labs, the company behind the game in the United States, it was also created by a different team in Japan.

The game was developed as a spinoff from Pokemon GO.

That spinoff, called Pokémon GO Plus, was released in 2018 and was designed to allow players to capture new Pokemon in the game without the need to hunt them.

Players who were interested in Pokémon GO would have to make a special trip to Japan to obtain their new Pokemon from the Niantics servers.

That way, there were no costs associated with capturing a new Pokemon, so players were not required to travel to Japan.

In addition, players could buy a Pokemon in-game for their first time in the Nintendo Switch version of the app, which was free to play.

That made it a much cheaper option for the players who wanted to play Pokemon GO in the first place.

So what exactly makes Pokemon Go special?

It’s not just the gameplay.

The fact that players can easily transfer their Pokemon to other players around the globe is another key reason.

It also helps to create a more social-playable experience.

For one thing, Pokémon GO has a variety of new ways to communicate with each other.

This allows players to chat with each others’ Pokemon and to help them to catch their own.

For another, it allows for multiple ways for players to trade their Pokemon for another player’s.

Players can even create a new team based on the type of Pokemon they want to capture.

It can be a simple team of trainers, a team of Pokémon hunters, or a team that includes both trainers and strangers.

There’s also a variety and variety of different trainers that players could choose from.

These trainers can be players who are just looking to go out and explore, or they can be trainers who want to get stronger.

The ability to easily transfer your Pokemon to a new player is a huge boon for both players and for the Pokemon community.

There is also the ability to customize your Pokemon, like adding new accessories or abilities.

The way that players have been able to use Pokemon GO to communicate has made it one of Pokémon GO’s most popular features.

It helps players to build strong and unique friendships.

While there is an established fanbase that has made Pokemon GO a success, there are many who aren’t sure if they’re ready to play it.

Some don’t want to have to travel or be the center of attention for the whole world.

Some have no interest in Pokemon and simply want to play for fun.

Others just want to explore the