Re: Microsoft’s upcoming deck builder notation

The deck builder is the next big thing that Microsoft is building for Windows 10, and its developers have announced a new deck builder format.

In a blog post on Thursday, Microsoft engineer and former Microsoft software engineer Sam Stryker said that he’s working on a new format called “deck builder notation” for Microsoft’s next Windows 10 build.

In addition to the standard Microsoft Windows 10 deck builder (and Windows 10 card builder), Strykers blog post says that Microsoft plans to create a new syntax that will allow developers to create their own deck builder.

Microsoft says that its new format will allow deck builders to support different card formats, and it will also allow users to “create their own custom decks.”

Microsoft says it plans to make its format open-source and will also share the code with developers to help them create new decks.

Stryks blog post also says that he and his team are working to create an open-sourced deck builder API so that developers can use it for building decks.

Microsoft will also provide a set of tools that developers will be able to use to create custom decks, Strykins blog post said.

Microsoft’s deck builder system will also include the ability to create decks from scratch, so developers will have a chance to create new deck sets without having to re-write code.

Deck builder notation also allows for developers to add custom rules to decks and create custom rules for the cards on a deck, Stysker said.

Microsoft previously launched a deck builder called the Deck Builder Toolkit for developers that allows developers to build decks from a variety of sources.