What happened to the NRA?

The gun industry is in a quandary.

The National Rifle Association is in the midst of a difficult time, but its president, Wayne LaPierre, has been able to maintain a powerful lobby group on Capitol Hill.

LaPierre has been an avid advocate for gun control laws, but his message to Congress has been a mix of fear and loathing for those who don’t support the policies.

He has accused Democrats of being “soft on crime,” and he has also said the country is at a “dangerous crossroads” and he needs to make sure “the law is enforced.”

In an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, LaPierre said that his organization has been “in the crosshairs” for years, adding, “They’re scared to death that if they stand up, they’re going to get hurt.

And that’s why they’re fighting to defend themselves.”

The NRA has been the subject of intense scrutiny, with some Democrats calling for its members to leave the group.

LaPepe said that the organization’s members should feel free to speak out and make their views known, but they should also know that LaPierre “knows how to handle that.”

He said that LaPept has a long history of standing up to the president of the United States, but that the president will not back down.

LaPét also defended the organization and its members from accusations of being out of touch with the nation.

He said the NRA “doesn’t think the world is getting safer,” and that “when you see people on the other side of the aisle, they don’t seem to realize how dangerous they’re living in our country.”

The president of America, he added, will not be swayed by the NRA. “

I think we’re going through a moment in history when we’re looking for the best way to get back into public safety and keep our freedoms.”

The president of America, he added, will not be swayed by the NRA.

“He knows what he’s doing.

He’s going to stand up to him,” LaPerep said.

The NRA’s position has changed significantly over the past few months.

LaPalpe’s comments have fueled speculation about what might be coming next for the group and whether LaPierre will continue to wield the organization as a weapon.

But he also seemed to suggest that LaPep was not worried about the NRA losing members.

He told Stephanopoulos that the NRA was “in a position that’s very good” and that he was not concerned about the organization losing members, but was just focused on making sure that the people of the country have access to the guns they need to protect themselves.

“It’s not a good situation for us, but we’ll be right back on the same road,” LaPierre told Stephanopolous.