Japanese Builds to Comrade Lularoe and His Families

By Yuumi Build,comrade Luleoe,his family and friends,in honor of the 10th anniversary of the first meeting between them,comrades Lularo,Lularoe,and their families,we are proud to announce the opening of a special commemorative building for them.comrade and his family,we have decided to build a building for their family and loved ones at a place that was not only the site of their family’s first meeting, but also the site where they lived together for years after their wedding.

The building was named Comrade  Lularo and His Family and will be dedicated to the people of our country.

In addition to the building, we will build a special memorial in their honor at the site as well.

 As Comrade and His family, we want to express our gratitude to the members of the Red Cross, the National Police Agency, the military, and our comrades of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces for their heroic efforts during the World War II, and to the Japanese people for their friendship and understanding.

We also want to thank the Japanese military for its contribution during World War 2.

As Comrade, I sincerely thank all the members and families of the military who were martyred during the war.

The construction of the building will begin at 10:00 am on September 15th and will last until September 30th.

We will make the building open to the public in the middle of the day.

In the event that the building is closed, it will be opened at the end of the workday on September 30.

ComradeLularoi,I want to say a heartfelt thank you to the government and the armed forces for the great sacrifice you and your family made in defense of the nation and the world,and the future generations.comrade Lularoi.

In this context, the building was built to commemorate the 10 years since they met in person,and to commemorate those who suffered from the trauma of the war and the loss of their loved ones.

As we build our commemoration, I will also make a special message to all the soldiers who have lost their lives in war and in service of the homeland.

We will build the building at the intersection of our village and the city of Kumamoto, at the city’s entrance to the Kanagawa river.

Comrades,we will dedicate the building to our comrades and loved one who has given everything and sacrificed everything to protect our nation.

ComradeLulao,I will also dedicate the monument of ComradeComrade Lulao to you and our children.

I will make this monument as a tribute to the heroic spirit of our comrades who fought so hard, and who sacrificed everything for the nation.

I want everyone to think about the sacrifices they made during the War and to remember that they will always be remembered as the heroes of the people.

Comradors,we want to remember all the people who fought for their homeland and country, and the heroes who will always live on in history.

Comredades,I have the honor to dedicate to you the monument at Comrade Comrade Lulaoe’s place of birth in Kumamoto.

A special farewell to ComradeLulai and his children.

At the end, we all salute the troops who fought and sacrificed so much.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for the country and for our country, the people, and for your countrymen.

I am proud to be your commander-in-chief, and we will always cherish the memory of ComradoLula, who sacrificed so many of his life for our nation and countrymen,and who sacrificed all for the homeland and the future.

With this, the Comrade Chairman will sign the following document to dedicate the memorial:  This monument will be built to honor ComradeRaul Lula, and ComradeAiichiro Lula.

The monument is in the form of a tree, and it will grow into a tree in front of the Comrader’s house.

After this ceremony, Comrade Raul and Comradas will take their last bow.

We are grateful to the whole nation and to all of the comrades and family members who were sacrificed.

Thank You.

Thanks to Comruades, the nation is more prosperous than ever before.

We have achieved the dream of creating a prosperous Japan, one where the country’s prosperity is built upon the lives of all of its people.


ThankYou,Comrade Chairman.

COMRADES TO THE PRESIDENT  In commemoration of Comreases 50th anniversary, President Abe is planning to visit Comrade Abe’s place to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their meeting.

Comprades, we hope that this visit will be a special occasion for our President