Why is it not free?

Free website builder A.J. Verma, a software developer who is also an advocate of free websites, has started a petition on Change.org urging the government to stop making the websites free.

The petition, titled Free website, has been signed by over 150 people.

In its petition, Verma said the website builder does not allow users to make any changes to the website, but rather allows them to submit their own changes.

He said the user can’t make any kind of modification to the site, but the site builder simply “pays for changes made”.

The petition also asks the government not to impose any restrictions on the website builders to protect their intellectual property rights.

It is also asking the government and the industry body to ensure that the websites do not have any “unfair or deceptive content”.

The government’s stance, as of now, does not seem to be that clear.

In the past, the government has not been keen to change its stance on the issue.

The government has said that the issue should be decided by the courts.

In the past week, it has taken an active stance against the issue and even threatened to ban websites that use the services of private firms, including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

In December, it also threatened to block websites that were offering free websites to its citizens.