When Google finally rolls out Android 7.0, users should expect a major update in the fall of 2019, Google says

The first major update to Android in more than two decades is here.

And for users who are planning to upgrade, Google will likely be updating the operating system to support both the Pixel and Pixel XL devices.

For now, that means that Google has no plans to roll out a major Android 7 update, but the company did say that it is working on a “major” update.

Google has said that it will roll out the next major version of Android in 2019.

We don’t have any plans to make that version of the operating model available for download at this time, but we’re actively working on it,” a Google spokesperson told us.

The Google spokesperson added that Google is “working on some major improvements” to the Android operating system, but it’s “hard to tell how long that will take.”

The company has not announced any other major Android updates yet.