Which buildings will rise to the top of the list?

Buildings in Melbourne’s CBD are rising to the height of the most famous skyscrapers in the world.

The ABC’s News24 spoke to the architects of the iconic buildings who will help define the city’s skyline and help guide future building plans.

The tallest building in the city is the Eiffel Tower, which stands on the top floor of the French-themed Hotel du Cap, the tallest building on the planet.

But the second tallest building is the Commonwealth Bank Building, which sits on top of Sydney’s Queen Elizabeth II Hotel.

“This is an extremely prestigious building, one of the tallest in the capital of Australia,” said Andrew McNeill, CEO of Australian architecture firm KPMG, which designed the Commonwealth Building.

We’re very proud of the architects.””

It is a very significant building and the architects are very good at making sure that it is very, very visible, and it has an amazing elevator system that can be very high and very visible.”

We’re very proud of the architects.

“The building will also feature on the Sydney Opera House’s official website.

It is expected that the building will remain in its current location for years to come.”

In my view it’s a very appropriate location for a city centre,” Mr McNeill said.”

I would say it’s one of those buildings that has to be seen to be believed, and that’s why I think that this will be one of our landmarks for the foreseeable future.

“The Commonwealth Bank building, which has been at the centre of a debate for years, has been the subject of a number of protests.

In September 2017, a group of protesters gathered outside the bank to call for a rezoning.”

The group of people marched from the bank’s main gate to the building, but it was met by police who blocked their march.””

And then the government can do what they think is necessary to preserve this magnificent structure and to make it a city icon.”

The group of people marched from the bank’s main gate to the building, but it was met by police who blocked their march.

“The police were very clear that we were being disruptive and were there to shut us up,” Ms McNeill explained.

“So the police were quite aggressive in terms of what they were doing.”

At one stage they took us into the bank and made it look like we were breaking the law, so we didn’t even get to speak to them.

“The protests have since ended.

Ms McNeill is hopeful that the group will be able to convince the government to remove the Commonwealth’s name from the building.”

There’s some real good will that the government could do something like that, but we think they’re going to want to be very careful about this particular building,” she said.