What will Docker build and install?

Next Big Futures article The Next Big Big Future: Docker build docker build –build-from-source –no-build-dirs The docker build command will create the source files needed to build the application.

Docker build will build the Docker image from source files provided by the Docker Hub, but will also run the docker-compose file to automate the build process.

docker build will create a docker-coverage image of the project that contains all the required information for the build.

For example, docker build -d would build the project from the docker images that you have uploaded to Docker Hub.

To see what the docker build output looks like, run docker build .

Next BigFuture also provides a tool called docker-watch, which monitors the build progress.

docker-watchers will print out all the information available for the next build.

Docker-watches will only output the build output when the build completes successfully.

You can use docker-watcher to monitor the build status on your computer.

If you want to see the build statistics on the next day, use docker build daily .

Finally, you can also run docker logs to see what is happening during the build and how long the build took.