How to get your iPhone to talk again

A fix is underway for an iPhone problem that could put millions of customers in a position of power over Apple, but it’s not simple.

A problem that has plagued the iPhone over the last year is that it’s unable to tell you how much battery is left in the phone.

The problem is a bug in Apple’s operating system, iOS, that causes the iPhone to automatically display a warning message when the battery is at a low level.

But if you are in the habit of turning the phone on and off frequently, the message will appear on the screen and disappear.

If you try to restore the phone, the battery will be low, but the warning will remain on the display until the battery reaches the desired level.

That’s not what happens when the phone is idle.

The iPhone will tell you it is at “full charge” – but it will display a low battery warning and the warning message will not disappear.

When you try a restore, you’ll see the message disappear and the low battery message will still be there.

It’s a bug that makes it impossible for the iPhone, or any smartphone, to tell the user how much time the battery has left.

The Apple repair company Aventron has been working on a fix.

The company’s website explains that when the iPhone detects a low signal, it will send a notification to the iPhone that says “Battery is low.”

The phone will then send a signal boost signal to its external battery charger and the phone will automatically detect when the signal is low.

The repair company has tested the fixes and it seems to work well.

Aventron says that about 70 percent of iPhone owners have successfully repaired the issue.

A fix that will help all iPhone owners in the US is a software update that should make the iPhone recognize when it is running low battery and will allow users to manually turn the iPhone off and on.

The update is expected to be available for download on October 10.

But not everyone is happy with the fix.

One Apple customer has been posting on the Apple forums complaining about the software update.

He said the fix is a joke and should be scrapped because it is a security risk.

Apple has said that it has found over 1 million devices that are running low on battery, with the company estimating that more than a billion devices are at risk.

But the company said it will not be adding new hardware to the iOS operating system to address the problem.

The US Justice Department has also launched an investigation into the problem and a separate investigation is underway by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).