What’s your car building dream?

Building an entire city around your car is a long way off, but a new startup has built a vehicle-based transportation hub that’s more than a little ambitious.It’s also a pretty big deal: in the future, a company called Lexus plans to make a car-centric city out of all the buildings it builds.The company, calledRead More

How to build a XINZAN X7 Turbo

By Alex CappuccioTURF BUILDING GUIDEThis is a quick and dirty guide to building your very own XINF Zhao X7 Turf Builder.You will be building a Turbo Turf and you will need the following items.1.A 4×4 x4 Turf (or a 6×6 x6 Turf) to construct the Turbo TurfsTurfBuilder.com – A great resource to learn how toRead More