What happened to the NRA?

The gun industry is in a quandary.The National Rifle Association is in the midst of a difficult time, but its president, Wayne LaPierre, has been able to maintain a powerful lobby group on Capitol Hill.LaPierre has been an avid advocate for gun control laws, but his message to Congress has been a mix of fearRead More

How to build a Chinese gun supplier in a day

With just a few hours of work and a few dollars, you can build a gun manufacturer in China.And if you’re interested in building your own Chinese gun maker, it’s not difficult.As long as you know the basics of gun manufacturing, you’ll be able to get the parts you need to get started.Read more: https://t.co/7h5fq6mQx1Read More

What is a gun builder?

There are many ways to buy a gun.There are people who make their own, who sell them online, and then there are people like Wayne Dornan who have taken the firearms industry by storm and are making money off the backs of their customers.Wayne Darnan is one of those people.The Gunsmith and Gun Owner wasRead More

The Gun Builder’s Guide to Shooting Guns

By Gun Builder: I know guns like this one well.It’s the gun that I am building.It was purchased a few years ago, and I’ve never shot a single round of it.That’s how many guns I own.It also happens to be the gun most people in America have never heard of.And that is the reason IRead More

City building simulator for PC

City building simulation for PC will be announced on February 11, 2018.The game will focus on the creation of city blocks with various characteristics.The simulation will include building elements such as streets, parks, public squares and shops.City building simulators are often seen in schools, hospitals and shopping malls to give students a hands-on experience simulatingRead More