Why Xerath is the perfect building material for your home

Builders are going to need new building materials.That’s why Xerath builds the materials that make your home more energy efficient.Now you can use these new materials in your home.But you might also want to consider investing in new wood, too.This week, CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl looks at some of the best wood products forRead More

What happened to the NRA?

The gun industry is in a quandary.The National Rifle Association is in the midst of a difficult time, but its president, Wayne LaPierre, has been able to maintain a powerful lobby group on Capitol Hill.LaPierre has been an avid advocate for gun control laws, but his message to Congress has been a mix of fearRead More

What’s next for Soraka?

What’s Next for Soruku?We’ll be taking a look at the top three candidates for the title of the next best-selling game of the year in 2018.The following list of top-selling games of 2018 includes some games released earlier this year, such asThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate release dates are subjectRead More