How to build an abandoned building

I’m going to start off by saying this is not a real article, it’s just a way to think about abandoned buildings.We want to be honest with ourselves.The first thing we should do when we hear about an abandoned structure is stop and think about what happened there.We have to stop and look at theRead More

Which Minecraft Building Ideas Will You Build?

“It’s time to go home,” I said, “and build some house, with my friends.And then you can hang out, talk, and make new friends.That’s a great idea.”And then I got this response: “No, I’m not going to build a house with friends, and then make new ones.It’ll just take forever, I can’t wait.”That was theRead More

How to build a fort in Minecraft

A new version of Minecraft has been released for the PC.The build tool is designed to make building and upgrading your own fort easier than ever before, allowing you to create a variety of buildings and more than 200 different items to decorate your home.It has also been designed to be compatible with other gamesRead More