How to buy a bridge builder for less than $5,000

A builder of bridges is being sold for less $5 million on Craigslist.A listing on the popular website BizBizLand says that a builder of the New York City-based firm Bridge Builder LLC is being offered for less the equivalent of $10,000 for a single-family home.The listing says the seller is from New York and hasRead More

What you need to know about Mueller buildings

More than 10 years after they were built, the former offices of Robert Mueller and his son James are being torn down.The demolition is set to begin this week, according to a demolition notice posted online.The former headquarters of Robert M. Mueller and James Mueller are being demolished in Philadelphia, PA on June 13, 2020.TheRead More

How to make your own old hicks

One of the oldest buildings in the U.S. is getting a facelift.The Washington State Historical Society is putting the last of the hickories, barns and other structures in the old Hickory Industrial District on display.The building at 1701 E. 15th St. in Seattle, Washington, was built in 1910 by the Pacific Pacific Railroad and isRead More

How the Malphite Builders Work

The capitol is the most visible part of the new Capitol building, a shiny white dome with a soaring glass roof.And it was designed by the famed New York architect and builder, Frank Gehry.But the capstone to the building’s success came from the Malphington family.After the cap was completed in 1885, they built a hugeRead More