Re: Microsoft’s upcoming deck builder notation

The deck builder is the next big thing that Microsoft is building for Windows 10, and its developers have announced a new deck builder format.In a blog post on Thursday, Microsoft engineer and former Microsoft software engineer Sam Stryker said that he’s working on a new format called “deck builder notation” for Microsoft’s next WindowsRead More

How to build a house with Lego

How to construct a Lego house from a single piece of metal?I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than building a Lego structure from a piece of scrap metal, so we decided to give it a go.Here’s how to build it from the very simplest components you’ll need, all with a little help from aRead More

How to build a Pantheon build a bear

The Pantheon, a massive tower that was designed to protect a Buddhist temple from destruction, has been built on a plot of land that was originally intended to be used for a military base.The Pantheon was built by Chinese architects Wang Yi and his company Zhongshan and is located in China’s far western region ofRead More

How to Make a KENNEN BOARD!

A lot of you probably noticed that we recently shared a deck builder with you, but we didn’t include all the options.That’s because the deck builder we shared with you was designed to make you a little bit of money while it did it’s thing.But now we’re here to tell you all about the newRead More