What will Docker build and install?

Next Big Futures article The Next Big Big Future: Docker build docker build –build-from-source –no-build-dirs The docker build command will create the source files needed to build the application.Docker build will build the Docker image from source files provided by the Docker Hub, but will also run the docker-compose file to automate the build process.dockerRead More

Why Xerath is the perfect building material for your home

Builders are going to need new building materials.That’s why Xerath builds the materials that make your home more energy efficient.Now you can use these new materials in your home.But you might also want to consider investing in new wood, too.This week, CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl looks at some of the best wood products forRead More

How the Roma-Milan match unfolded

The Bianconeri and Milan battled it out in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final last night.The Giallorossi got the better of the Milan defenders early in the first half, but the Nerazzurri’s attacking options were not able to break through the midfield wall of Marcelo Brozovic.At 1-1, the two sides had the matchRead More

Why is it not free?

Free website builder A.J. Verma, a software developer who is also an advocate of free websites, has started a petition on Change.org urging the government to stop making the websites free.The petition, titled Free website, has been signed by over 150 people.In its petition, Verma said the website builder does not allow users to makeRead More

Which Minecraft Building Ideas Will You Build?

“It’s time to go home,” I said, “and build some house, with my friends.And then you can hang out, talk, and make new friends.That’s a great idea.”And then I got this response: “No, I’m not going to build a house with friends, and then make new ones.It’ll just take forever, I can’t wait.”That was theRead More

The real reason Pokemon GO is still a fad

It’s a popular game with a growing fan base.And it’s one that has seen many big hits over the years.That’s because it’s a game that lets players create their own Pokemon and get their own characters to play with.And its success has helped to propel the game into the stratosphere of social-gaming-style game design.It’s aRead More