Why we love Apple’s new design and build back better

Build Back Better is a series that explores the future of mobile software design.We’re going to talk about the iPhone and its upcoming software.Let’s start with the iPhone.As we’ve seen over the last few years, Apple’s iPhone designs are very much in line with their competitors.They look good.They are responsive.They’re elegant.The iPhone is the perfectRead More

Mueller’s Metal Buildings Builds a “Connected” Campus

President Trump has called for “more connected” buildings.And he has put Mueller, who runs the Justice Department’s Office of Civil Rights, in charge of rebuilding those buildings.Building connected?In Trump’s mind, that’s what it means.“I think it’s good,” Trump told a crowd in Florida last week.“It’s a big building.It’s a great building.”Mueller, a former Republican congressmanRead More

When Will I Get a Skyrim Build House?

I had never heard of this game, until recently, when I found out about it.I had played Skyrim before, but had never really had the time or interest to get into the world of building houses.Skyrim was my first video game.It’s a very different game to Skyrim, with a lot of elements from games likeRead More